July 15, 2024

In this episode of the David Pollack Show, David and Puppet Carlson interview Mike Lindell—of My Pillow fame—about his plan and crusade to stop election fraud by removing voting machines which have substantial opportunities for hacking and tampering and install a paper ballot system with same day counting in all precincts across the country.

The “Lindell Plan,” spearheaded by Mike Lindell, aims to secure election integrity in the United States by eliminating electronic voting systems and returning to hand-counted paper ballots. This plan involves several key components and initiatives:

The Lindell Plan: A Push for Election Integrity

Citizens’ Petition for Fair Elections

The Lindell Plan seeks to secure U.S. elections by eliminating electronic voting systems and returning to hand-counted paper ballots. Central to this plan is the Citizens’ Petition, which calls for citizens in all U.S. counties to demand the end of electronic voting machines. The petition advocates for hand-counting paper ballots on the same day, under the watchful eyes of bipartisan poll watchers​ (Lindell Offense Fund)​

Election Crime Bureau

A key component of the plan is the Election Crime Bureau. This organization focuses on identifying and addressing alleged election fraud. It works with grassroots activists to mobilize support and provides resources to inform the public about election security issues​ (Lindell Offense Fund)​.

Election Summits

Mike Lindell hosts Election Summits to present detailed strategies for securing elections. These events aim to raise awareness and gather support from political influencers, journalists, and concerned citizens. The summits play a crucial role in educating the public about the plan’s goals​ (Rumble)​.

Public Outreach and Education

The plan includes efforts to educate the public on the vulnerabilities of electronic voting systems. This involves media campaigns, public speeches, and distribution of informational materials explaining the benefits of hand-counted ballots​(Lindell Offense Fund)​​ (Rumble)​.


The Lindell Plan promotes a return to hand-counted paper ballots to ensure transparency and trust in U.S. elections. For more information, visit the Lindell Offense Fund website.

We need to push for hand-counted ballots and same day voting to avoid any potential mishaps and preserve our election integrity.

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