July 15, 2024

In today’s episode of “What’s Really Going on in the Pentagon’s Playpen,” we’re diving into the murky waters of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) – the military’s latest accessory that’s as fitting as a tutu on a tank. Three warriors with brass to spare have come out swinging against what they see as the Pentagon’s latest fashion faux pas: turning America’s fighting force into a social experiment rather than the lean, mean, fighting machine it’s meant to be.

At a gathering under the watchful eyes of The Heritage Foundation, Army Ranger Will Thibeau took us on a trip down memory lane, back to the 1960s, when DEI’s ancestors first got their boots in the door, courtesy of then-Defense Secretary Robert McNamara. According to Thibeau, it wasn’t the drag shows on carriers or progressive reading lists in military libraries that signaled the shift but rather a quota system focused on race and now, gender, infiltrating the ranks from top brass to the academy freshmen.

“It’s not just about the entertainment or the literature; it’s the quotas for race and sex that are sandbagging the merit system that’s supposed to run this show,” Thibeau noted, casting a skeptical eye on the whole operation.

Flying in formation with Thibeau, Army Kiowa helicopter pilot Amber Smith painted a picture of DEI’s omnipresence, from the trenches to the penthouses of military power. Courses at West Point on ‘Whiteness’ and ‘White Rage’ aren’t just extracurriculars; they’re crafting a generation of leaders more versed in social justice jargon than in the art of war. “We’re brewing a storm of division and diluting the essence of military cohesion,” Smith declared, unimpressed by the senior leadership’s dalliance with DEI.

Then, Earl G. Matthews, a veteran of legal battles and the Trump trenches, reminded us of what’s at stake: winning wars. “That’s the job description,” Matthews stated, pointing out that the military’s been a mixed bag of backgrounds since Truman decided unity was stronger than division back in ’48.

Puppet’s Points:

  • Dress Code Disaster: When did the military’s dress code include a DEI badge? Last I checked, camouflage didn’t come in rainbow.
  • Quota Quagmire: Since when did “quota” become a military tactic? Patton must be rolling over in his grave.
  • Merit on the Mend: Remember when merit mattered? Those were the good old days before your race or gender became your rank.
  • Classroom Combat: West Point’s new curriculum: ‘White Rage 101.’ Because nothing says “prepared for battle” like a seminar on societal grievances.
  • Unity Uniform: The military used to wear one thing well – unity. Now, it seems we’re tailoring it for divisiveness, courtesy of DEI.

To quote the legendary Sun Tzu, “In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.” Right now, the military’s opportunity seems to be transforming from an unparalleled fighting force into a petri dish for social experiments. Let’s hope we can navigate our way back to the basics before the fashion police become the only force we’re fit to fight.

And remember Puppet Nation, The Fleece Stops Here.

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