July 15, 2024

Matt Taibbi, that rogue scribe who zigzags across the political battlefield from the left flank, has made a name for himself as a sharpshooter of the establishment’s most cherished, yet dodgy tales. Yes, Puppet Nation, I’m talking about the grand old Russiagate saga, among others. This man doesn’t just bite the hand that feeds; he goes for the jugular, questioning narratives most dare not whisper about in the echo chambers of mainstream media.

So, when someone threw the curveball at him, asking, “Hey Matt, why the laser focus on the follies of the Democrats? What about the Republicans?”—his comeback was a masterclass in straight shooting. And believe me, Puppet Nation, it’s a response so spot on, I just had to bring it to our campfire for a good old-fashioned roast and toast. Here’s what the man of the hour had to say:

Why I don’t spend a lot of time on the Republicans:

1) There is a enormous army of MSM reporters already going after them from every angle, with most major news organizations little more than proxies for the DNC, to the point where stations hire Biden spokespeople as anchors;

2) The Republicans have very little institutional power nationally. It’s not their point of view prevailing in schools, on campuses, in newsrooms (where over 90% of working reporters vote blue), and especially in the intelligence and military apparatus, which has openly aligned itself with Democrats. Even if Donald Trump were a “threat to Democracy” he lacks the institutional pull to do much damage, which can’t be said of Democrats;

3) The Democrats’ ambitions are significantly more dangerous than those of the Republicans. From digital surveillance to censorship to making Intel and enforcement agencies central players in domestic governance — all plans being executed globally as well as in our one country — they are thinking on a much bigger and more dangerous scale than Republicans. I lived in third world countries and the endless criminal indictments of people like Trump and ongoing lawfare efforts to prevent even third party challenges are classic authoritarian symptoms. The Republicans aren’t near this kind of capability;

4) Last and most important, the Democrats are being organized around a more potent but also much dumber, more cultlike ideology. People like Yuval Harari and his Transhumanist “divinity” concept scare me a lot more than the Rs, and I was once undercover in an apocalyptic church in Texas. Ask your average Russian or Cuban what overempowered pseudo-intellectuals are capable of. 

I have a pretty good record of picking dangerous phenomena ahead of time. I feel confident on this one, and that’s before we get to the demographic/class shifts in the parties.

A special thanks to my friend Tom Woods for this quote.

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