July 15, 2024


David Pollack

Chief Operating Officer, Host

David Pollack, is an attorney and political consultant/commentator. He worked on local, county, and national races, most recently in the campaign of Cory Mills for U.S. Congress. He also a broadcaster, with a media production degree from Florida State University. David also holds a Juris Doctorate from Florida International University. He served in government for over a decade before running for local office in 2020. He has since remained heavily involved in politics while also re-entered the broadcasting space.

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Puppet Carlson

Commentator, Comedian, Puppet

Puppet Carlson stands out as the charismatic and humorous counterpart to the insightful political commentary team of Matt Couch and David Pollack, bringing a unique blend of satire and wit to the discourse at The DC Patriot. As a tribute parody to the renowned Tucker Carlson, Puppet Carlson offers a refreshing take on political analysis, combining humor with sharp insights to engage and entertain a wide audience. His role as a comedic sidekick adds a valuable dimension to the conversation, making complex topics accessible and enjoyable.

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